How to Survive (and Enjoy) a Parade in Midtown Atlanta

The 2016 Atlanta St. Patrick’s Parade is stepping off in Midtown Atlanta on March 12, but before you go, it’s important to plan your strategy for the best experience.

Atlanta St. Patrick's Parade

The Atlanta St. Patrick’s Parade will be March 12 in Midtown.

1.)  Plan your route ahead of time. Figure out how you’re going to get there. Don’t waste your time circling for a parking spot. Take MARTA or walk from your hotel. There are several hotels along or near the parade route, including Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown, Hyatt – Atlanta Midtown, and W Atlanta Midtown. Plan on it taking extra time to navigate the area once you’re in Midtown. If you are planning to get to the parade route one hour ahead of the event, you’re planning right.

2.)  Plan a viewing spot with your friends. If you have friends that are planning on getting to Midtown to join you at the parade, plan on having whomever gets there first hold some spots for the whole party. But, you won’t make any friends by just standing your ground. Bring a blanket or chairs to claim your space.

3.)  Plan snacks and sips. Whether you’re going solo or hauling along your family, be sure to bring something to snack on and sip on. Or, at least don’t forget your wallet so you can grab a bite and drinks from any of the Midtown Atlanta restaurants, such as Cafe Intermezzo, Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe, and Fado Irish Pub. When you head to Midtown to see a parade, you’ll always do more walking than you thought you would. Snacks and sips will help you keep your stamina up.

Remember, these tips don’t just pertain to the St. Patrick’s Parade. Atlanta’s Midtown neighborhood is home to many parades throughout the year, including the annual Christmas parade.

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